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Rainbow Sprinkles

LB turned three last weekend!  I know everyone says this but I really do wonder how the time flies by so quickly.  Yet, at the same time, everything has changed so much that one year can also feel like ten—but in the best possible ways. For LB’s party we made these delicious vanilla cupcakes with […]


Five Unexpected Things to Miss About Italy

There are the obvious things one misses from Italy—the food, the museums, the countryside, the culture, the wine, the people, the ancient history that you casually walk by on your way to grab an expertly made expresso…  And then there are the little things that maybe you didn’t anticipate missing or maybe didn’t even pay […]


Unexpected Sunday

You know how sometimes you have a day that is totally spontaneous but everything seems to work out as if meticulously planned? This past Sunday was like that.  We had nothing on the calendar for Sunday morning which typically means that we’ll stay at home, have a long leisurely breakfast, and clean or go to […]

Some General Reflections…

My posts have been a bit erratic.  I know.  I’ve been crazy busy the past few months/years.  (Who hasn’t been?) Yet this has given me some time to reflect and think about this blog and what I want it to do.  I initially started this as a fun way to collect Michele’s family recipes.  Yet, […]


Summer On My Mind

Even though it’s technically over a month away, I have summer on my mind.  Maybe it’s this beautiful weather we’ve had the past few days.  Perfect for eating popsicles, wearing sunscreen, and heading outside without a coat.  Summer is my favorite season.  I associate it with the low humming sound of fans, fresh fruits, bare […]