A Interesting Walk

I grew up in LA but have spent the past 14 years in NYC.  I’m used to walking everywhere.  When I come home I’m always surprised by the car culture I had previously been so accustomed to.  The other weekend LB and I walked about one mile (well I walked, she sat in the stroller) to the park from my parents’ house. While in the playground we met a family that had driven to the park from a block away.  I was shocked.  Why not just walk?  Why bother with car seats and the whole act of driving?  But Los Angeles is a car city (though there is a user-friendly subway now) and I, in my youth, have been guilty of driving to places I easily could have walked to.

On the walk back to my parents’ house, LB and I passed by places I grew up near but had never really seen—so caught up in getting to my destination via car that I never bothered to notice.  One of those places is a sweet little store called “Rocket Fizz.”  Inside there must have been at least 50 different flavors of soda, including some more obscure flavors like chicken wings, and peanut butter and jelly soda.

photo 2


I bought sweet corn soda based on the recommendation of the cashier.  I was skeptical but sweet corn does make for a refreshing and interesting soda. While I am not an avid soda drinker, I love the idea of inserting new flavors in unexpected ways. There’s just something about stumbling upon an unanticipated and unusual experience that can feel so adventurous and novel.

It’s amazing what you might find if you opt to walk instead of drive.

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