Some Recent Posts

Some recent musings on the Italifornian lifestyle, in the kitchen and out in the field.

  • Smore’s in the Berkshires


    Nothing sets the scene for Fall like New England fall foliage. Sorry LA, the east coast has got you beat here—in this one area at least. This past weekend we were invited to a friend’s country home (thank you!) in the Berkshires (and yes, that’s a porcupine). It was spectacular. The red and orange leaves, […]

  • People’s Climate March


    This past weekend, LB, Michele, and I had the privilege of walking in the People’s Climate March in NYC.  It was inspiring to see so many people coming together and getting involved that my eyes may have watered a bit here and there.  The march seemed to be a platform for so many areas of […]

  • A Interesting Walk

    photo 2

    I grew up in LA but have spent the past 14 years in NYC.  I’m used to walking everywhere.  When I come home I’m always surprised by the car culture I had previously been so accustomed to.  The other weekend LB and I walked about one mile (well I walked, she sat in the stroller) […]


Food Highlights

It’s official. Summer has started! We celebrated the start of summer with a trip to Montauk, NY. We’ve been going there for the past few years. It’s a great place to go if you want something a little more low-key than the Hamptons but still want great beaches and restaurants. Plus, there are also tons […]


Mini Sugar Cookie Houses

Good friends of ours brought back these adorable mini-house cookie cutters from their trip to Japan. It was such a thoughtful and kind gift. Of course, I could hardly wait to use them with this sugar cookie recipe here. The set came with shapes to make a chimney, but those pieces were eaten before they […]